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The covers

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I am so conscious of not giving too much away in my descriptions! In an ideal world, people would just read it without knowing a thing about it and therefore walk in as though it was an entirely foreign land; much more fun for all concerned.


An amalgam of the elements of the three novels. The pen is allowing the imagined to become a little more ‘physically present’, you could say…


This cover shows combines two elements significant to the second novel.


This cover shows a moment in the third book where three significant factors/storylines from the books collide…

The books: story and concept


Title: The Lord of Nonsense Trilogy

Individual book titles:

Book one, The Liberum Seed

Book two, The rise and Fall of Tenchworld

Book three, Somewhere else.

Genre/ Category:

A fantastic mystery, with a ‘science fantasy’ foundation whose flavours range from the light/ absurd, to the dark and horrific.

Quick synopsis:

A writer with some very dark secrets discovers he can ‘write things to life’. He begins with his characters, but there seem to be some things that he didn’t write, and he thought he controlled everything…

His creations, woven throughout, number over seventy: Creatures, characters and places from his stories, films, novels, poems etc, are very much part of the story, and the fun ones that he animates are soon joined by others…

He did not, however, write Davy – a fourteen year old boy who is pretty sure none of this is ‘real’, and who seeks to save the old man from whatever all this is…

At it’s heart is ‘The Liberum’, a society stretching back as far as ancient egypt. This is more than a dream.


Publishing Date: To be advised. The writing is completed, covers done ( designed and created by the author. See below). They currently await final checks and formatting for print/ E books etc. I would hope anywhere between a few weeks and two to three months at the outside.

Formats: Print, E books and later audio versions probably read by the author.



I find it hard to imagine that there are many people who have been so absorbed or worked so hard for as long on a project as i have on this (twelve years ). I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. When anyone ever asked me what I’d do if I won a fortune, I always said it would give me the chance, the time, to create something amazing. I never won a fortune, so it hasn’t been easy, but I like to think I did it anyway.

Genre: The Lord of Nonsense is perhaps best described in simple terms, as a science fantasy, though it has been described by those who have read and enjoyed it, as ‘not a normal book’. A phrase I liked so much that I included it on the cover of book one.

It is absurd, funny, mysterious…. A love story, a mystery, a tale of great friendship, of dark corners of minds, of the strangest creatures from light and fun to terrifying… I have for quite some time described it as ‘Alice in Wonderland meets the Da vinci Code, with a hint of the Exorcist and a smattering of Knickerbocker Glory, but that is just in flavour, not in terms of the plot.

I had to devise about eighty characters, stories, TV shows, movies ‘written by Philbert Tench (the Lord of Nonsense himself) to  then weave them into the plots in any number of different ways…

It is a trilogy, standing at around 240,000 words and took twelve years to complete.

It is to be published by Phasma books and is currently in the last stages of preparation for this – covers having been designed. Final production has been put on hold to create web sites/ prepare platforms and marketing for the launch ( date yet to be announced )


The book has been written partly so readers realise early on that this is a different kind of ride, and the nature of the ride changes and deepens as they go. By the end of book three, all the threads mesh and the conclusions for the plot and the characters are very powerful.

The beginning 

2006: A house ages years in a few days. It started when the previous owner disappeared and the pale faced man moved in. He scowls at the strange contents of the study as a vortex of air swirls in from the street, then waits like a dog for its owner, outside the study door….

We visit 1945 to see Alexander, a nine-year-old boy, alone in his room but for two see through people: a pale faced man and an old guy with a weird beard. They leave the room before the event that will alter the path of the next sixty years; before Alexander looks into the future and witnesses his own demise; undeterred by the  sudden appearance and silent screams of a see-through boy with a curtain of black hair over one eye.

The next day Alexander vanishes.

It will stay a mystery for sixty years, until they identify a suspect, a writer known as the lord of nonsense. He is in what they are calling a coma, although he doesn’t know that. By some strange means, he has turned what he thinks is his home village, into a most bizarre tribute to his characters.

If it was a coma, Davy couldn’t visit, but Davy – a boy badly injured in a hospital bed – a boy with a curtain of black hair over one eye, visits a lot. He has formed a great friendship with the lord of nonsense, aka Philbert Tench, or so it would seem and the events that take place in Tench’s world are truly mind-bending, funny, silly, wondrous beyond words, then, a bit too weird; a bit… nasty…

Finally, we return to the house in 2006, to the pale faced man, who prefers Davy stays away. It is now that the entire theme of this other world darkens. Not all Tench’s stories are light hearted…

It is now that Davy confronts the other piece of this puzzle: a mysterious organization called ‘The Liberum’.

The books revolve around these four main elements – Tench, the pale faced man, Davy and the Liberum, while around them, eighty of Tench’s characters, novels and poems are woven, all building to a series of explosive crescendos and revelations at the end of book three.

About the author

In a nutshell:

A hermit steps into the light.

My income for many years has been from work as a cameraman, selling some art and commissions, editing video and doing a variety of multimedia jobs, as well as teaching in those areas. All the time I’ve worked as little as I could, to concentrate on writing, often full time over the last twelve years, with the paid work squeezed in between.

I love being creative and it’s what I have done with most of my life, but rarely have I made any great attempts at ‘pushing’ my creative work. It’s not been seen by many, and my sales have generally been by word of mouth, but the writing is different: After twelve years on this project with other novels and many short stories ready to be seen, I’m focussing on making that happen. 

A few more details

The people that I meet most, just at the moment, are fellow dog-walkers ( the rest of the time I’m at home, working). I’m the polite, funny guy, who occasionally says quite off the wall things but just likes a nice chat. I like to make people feel they are worth listening to, and dogs that they can jump all over me anywhere any time. One commented recently that she sensed ‘another, deeper side’. I waggled my eyebrows at her.

As far as the writing and art worlds are concerned, I’m a bit of an outsider: My school experiences gave me the heebeegeebees as far as ‘formal education’ goes, and I began a lifetime of self teaching ( which, thanks to the internet is not really self teaching at all – it’s the biggest library of information that has ever existed). I have since acquired various qualifications in standard teaching environments but nothing compares with what I’ve learned through all other means. 

I have been creative all my life, seeing the heights the mind can reach, especially when freed from the conditioning of our particular era and place in time, as the pinnacle of my particular existence!

I never really saw turning my work into ‘currency’ by getting the art world to ‘take it seriously’ as a pinnacle, personally… 

After working in so many mediums over the years, I came to see writing as the great aladin’s cave in terms of what i might find there, and have been writing now for many years, quietly, in the background with my notepad…

Now, I have amassed a body of work that is about to see the light of day. My interest has always been to find new ways of seeing things, new voices, new concepts…

There are currently five books that I would call close to completion, with another five or six at least waiting in the background for my attention, and of those, the Lord of Nonsense, is, so far in my life, my greatest single achievement.

Twelve years of writing triggered by a need to take a new step, and a moment in which an idea formed that took me over.

I have in my life, been an artist, electrician, cameraman and AV technician, teacher…

The camera and media work has taken me all over, allowed me to meet people from an enormous variety of backgrounds: genius physicists and medical men, actors and directors, equine veterinary surgeons, economists…

I guess I have a lot of art hanging around the world by now and yet I am still not very public, but launching a trilogy of twelve years hard work: time to get out there and be seen I think. 


My fierce independence means I do most things myself, including building lordofnonsense.com and garydorking.com, which illustrates a broader range of my creative work.

I have rarely made work because it will sell, or ‘kept my eye on the markets’, neither have I sought to ‘find my voice, or language’ perhaps because voices and languages are what I like to discover and explore. 

I have certain tastes: I like silly B-movie fifties horror films, deep sci-fi, Family Guy, Bette Davis, Doctor Who, angelic choral music, rousing yet dark classical, goth metal… And I believe in at least occasionally promoting what we could be, instead of complaining about what or where we are ( this allows for a lot of fun imaginatively pondering).

I guess people who like my work enjoy the not-knowing, the ‘what am I about to read this time’ of it, knowing that perhaps overall, they get a buzz out of similar things as I do, or perhaps they just want to see what a man brings back when he’s been into space.

Questions and Answers.

Q. Who Is the Lord of Nonsense’ target audience?

A. Anyone… from young adult upwards. There never really was a target. I wrote the book I wanted to write. The end result is a bit like the Spice Girls: some like Sporty; some like Ginger… I like the idea of younger readers, from perhaps twelve upwards, really getting into the different elements: the creatures, all the stories that the main character has written that wind around and through the main plots and become plots themselves… But there’s an ient mystery aspect, a dark horrific side, some very silly moments with hopefully a lot of laughter; there’s great sadness at times and very uplifting moments and much more, so, some may prefer one aspect over another and the readership could, I think, be very wide.

I like interesting concepts as a rule, and that is what starts me on a story. I like anything from Doctor Who, to more intellectual/ less gratuitous horror, to the beauty of the Pre Raphaelites, to profound scientific ideas, to romance and tragedy… I’m also happy to be sentimental and fascinated by the workings of the mind, so, I suppose readers who want to see what someone with those interests, who is also bent on being creatively adventurous wherever possible, will do, will be interested in what I produce!

Q. What relevant background experience do you have?

A. I have always taught myself and soaked up all the advice of everyone I ever saw or read, but want to do things a different way. I find with writing, aside from all the books i’ve read and experiments I’ve done, all the other areas of my life have fed into it from video editing effecting the story-telling process to drumming and music effecting rythm and pace, to painting, and a somewhat enhanced visual memory therefore effecting how I describe things and how the whole is composed. Still, without ‘big name endorsements’ or a degree in writing from somewhere or the other, the proof is going to be in people reading me.

Q. Do you have any other books in the pipeline?

A. Oh, yes! I have a deliciously silly, black horror/ comedy called ‘Family Fortunes’ almost ready to go ( a novella), and a much more serious and poetic sci-fi horror, called ‘The Glass People’ ( a novelette ). There’s also ‘Holes in the Fence’, a collection of short stories. The title is based on the idea of a fence being ‘usual modes of thought and belief’ and what I have ‘seen’ while looking through it. I’m also very keen on doing more multimedia work, drawing together fiction and video in different ways, and perhaps leaving narrative work behind sometimes in order to explore what else can be done with the medium atmospherically. I have a decent quality voice booth set up for recording and a nicely equipped studio for all sorts of adventures to come.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. While building this website I’ve had to give that some thought, as it’s the sort of thing I need to illustrate at a time like this. The best answer I have come up with, is that I enjoys developing styles and languages as much as plots and characters, and the search for different styles, atmospheres and voices is part of what I do. So, it’s very wide and fluid. If my work ‘works’ on you, then one story might break your heart and another will have you resenting yourself for laughing at something so stupid.

I tend not to write much in the way of sex, or ‘ordinary violence’ and prefer the extra ordinary… I sometimes describe a lot of what I write, as ‘The Twilight Zone with heart’, but that certainly doesn’t always fit.

Q. Where would you like to be in five years time?

A. I like to imagine, if the books take off, that i’ll have a bit more time for other aspects of life, but people who’ve known me a long time know that I’ve always said that and projects keep grabbing me, and I keep on being anti-social in order to pursue the! I would like at least to not have to think about money, to be able to concentrate of the creative work, and if I can keep working from home, but earn more money from it than twelve years of working on three novels has currently given me ( because they aren’t published yet) I’d get another dog. Dogs are the best audience after people. You give them a walk, throw a ball have a cuddle, and they think it’s christmas. I love them. I’m the guy in the park rolling around in the mud with them while the grown-ups are chatting about the weather.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A. I like to say that if you can have half you head as an explosion in a firework factory – an overheated cauldron of random madness – and the other half as a disciplined sifter and builder, then you’re in the right area. Personally, I think there are enough people commenting on the way things are: what could be changed, what’s wrong etc, so i like to be inspired by what we could be and what potential we have as human beings, but inspiration comes from anywhere at all.

I have quite a bug about separating ourselves from what out upbringings have made us: If your dad told you cold baked beans were the only food you should ever eat, you need to have the independence of mind to try aubergines, or at least chips with mayonnaise…. This of course, is the same for the somewhat bigger questions in life too.