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The Lord of Nonsense Trilogy

A sci-fi fantasy, horror, love story, comedy, ancient mystery, whodunnit.

Introducing The Lord of Nonsense. A short movie and a reading of the first three chapters.

I have produced all sorts of artwork connected to books while I’ve been writing, some for my own pleasure and others for direct illustration purposes.You’ll see some of that here. 

Brand new artwork.

New images created to accompany the new chapter readings ( click on left image to watch).

 The trilogy is very much complete now and the new recording deserved some new images, and as the video preview of the books grew, so the new images were incorporated, to great effect.

Alexander Havelock

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The Banner for the new video

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While washing up twelve years ago...

Wanting to break out of my current life and do something more extra ordinary, I had been dreaming all sorts of dreams about what I might do, then, as I was washing up, I had a vision. I remember the moment. I can still see the character’s fingers typing away on an old machine, and its effects on the world around him… I remember that moment so well, because i recognised it as the thing I wanted to do with my life, and it’s taken 12 years. This website is part of the background preparations prior to it’s release ( It is finished, including the artwork).

A much darker version of that is now included in the first chapter…  I didn’t know it would take twelve years, but then I also didn’t know how extraordinary it would be.

The main character  – Philbert Tench –  is a writer and his story is intertwined with his characters, who play a very special role in the proceedings…

‘He has written’ over seventy books, stories, characters, poems, TV shows etc. Some are sweet, silly and funny; others dark as hell and worse. It took a special kind of madness to let them all form in my head before I could let them loose in the novels. You’ll understand what I mean should you read them.

Visit the Lord of Nonsense pages on this site, or lordofnonsense.com for more.

Image: 'Mr Tench and friend'.

The Books

An introduction to The Lord of Nonsense

Reading The Lord of Nonsense is a little like wandering through a zoo, or theme park, but the exhibits are uncaged. You will come across entirely new species of creatures from rather silly to terrifying, and through new concepts, different times periods…. Yet all the time the path you take leads you through an incredible friendship, a love story, a murder mystery, a two thousand year old secret, and to the Liberum of which you must read inside…
You will laugh, cry, be filled with fear and wonder on this path, until, at its end, you will find all that you have seen has primed you for a series of explosive finales.

Twelve years in the making. This is no ordinary book.

"I guess people who like my work enjoy the not-knowing, the 'what am I about to read this time' of it, knowing that perhaps overall, they get a buzz out of similar things as I do, or perhaps they just want to see what a man brings back when he's been into space."

“And so,” said the old man, “It has begun!”
“What has?” asked Davy.
“Do you know,” said the old man, “I don’t know why I said that!”
Davy felt quite addled and more than a little befuddled—as though the experience of the last five minutes had been so enormous, that it pushed everything out of his head, leaving a dysfunctional vacuum.
He pondered that the old man may be either an idiot, or something much more profound. It prompted him to say, “God?”

I shall tell you nothing...


Okay... I'll tell you this:

In the present, a strange and pale skinned man scowls at the bizarre artwork on the walls of a study. It is a study in a house he now claims as his own, but since he made the claim, it has aged years in a few hours.

This ‘takeover’ is part of a most peculiar drama that begins in 1945, when a young boy foresees his own end, then vanishes.

Enter ‘A.Nonymous’. A boy ( probably ) who writes scary and funny stories at a local school. One of these stories contains a code that no one can break, until 2006, when a boy, Davy, finds himself in the midst of a conflict between A.Nonymous, aka Philbert Tench, aka The Lord of nonsense… and the pale skinned man, both of whom occupy a quite implausible world full of the most miraculous and terrifying things.

Within the three novels, the seventy plus characters, novels, poems, stories, films etc. The Lord of Nonsense has created, become part of the plot, in a most extraordinary way.

In describing these books, I m going to great pains to hint at things without actually giving you any solid pictures. The Lord of Nonsense is best stepped into ‘unarmed’. This is not a normal book. 

Designed by the author, the covers are a combination of original drawings, photos and computer generated art.

Lord of nonsense, gary dorking, fiction, fantasy, fantastic fiction, best fiction, best fantasy fiction

Book one:

The Liberum Seed

it’s 2006. The house once owned by writer, Philbert Tench, aka the lord of nonsense, now has another occupier. In just a few days, the house has aged years.

A wind blasts through the insect ridden place and seems almost to be waiting, like a dog waiting for his master outside the door where the scratching of a quill pen can be heard.

The ‘usurper’ tells the wind to leave, and it does.

We travel back to 1945, to a young boy who, by reciting the words on a document from the Liberum, sees his own death. The next day he vanishes and so begins a tale that weaves the creations of the Lord of Nonsense into three novels. around eighty characters, books, stories and other creations mingle within, sowing their own seeds, making their own demands… As the strangest of feuds between two very different characters, unfurls, only fully revealing its nature at the end of book three, after the funniest, saddest…

Its sad, funny, scary, perplexing and a conundrum that will upset the cogs and springs of the universe, surely.


Lord of nonsense, gary dorking, fiction, fantasy, fantastic fiction, best fiction, best fantasy fiction

Book two:

The Rise and Fall of Tenchworld

The first few chapters are rather splendid, rather like a big cake, that you suspect contains a splinter or two of glass…

And then it comes: light becomes dark, and who comes out to play in the  dark?

And then from nowhere come new things. Gloriously dark things, enlightening things, ingloriously darker things, and a path to test anyone, who has just discovered the truth about their very being…

He’ll need to succeed in the test, as an inconcievably peculiar storm is coming.

Book two further primes the readers brains, for what is to come in three…


Lord of nonsense, gary dorking, fiction, fantasy, fantastic fiction, best fiction, best fantasy fiction

Book three:

Somewhere Else

The storm is here. If only it were just a storm and not a cornucopia of mind warping abominations…

A friendship is tested, memories of a love affair provide an even worse weapon, forces band together and the truth begins to explode into existance. It could take down everything in its path.

Book three builds to a series of spectacular climaxes, of ‘aha!’ moments and revelations. By the end I would hope most of your facial muscles are exhausted from the emotions you’ve been put through.

Some quotes from the books might be fun...

the insects grouped together—formed blobs of black liquid, fluid that flowed, that trained itself into the forms of bats—hundreds of bats. The bats then became bright, beautiful parakeets that made patterns in the sky. They danced in circles, in waving lines, then in spirals. They flew closer, so that each bird touched and united with its neighbour until all birds formed one bird—one giant bird that became still in the air, held by an invisible force, wings out, body vertical. It was too big to see without looking right to see one wing tip, then left to see the other…

He read it.

I thought I would let you get used to the idea first!’ It said

“What idea?”

The paper disappeared, and then re appeared. ‘That I might not be alive as such,’ it said.

As such?” Davy asked, scanning the place again—with ever-increasing urgency. “Alive… as such?”

The very nature of the Liberum gift is the ability to sense and amplify that which it seems cannot be seen or heard: the trails of light, sound and vibration left behind by events. We can decode, to see beyond, to hear beyond, and so much more.


 Bradley was half terrapin and half lettuce. Unable to swim, or hunt for water borne nourishment; nor root in the ground seeking sustenance from the soil, Bradley was forced to wonder the land photosynthesising.

The featherless and fleshless remains of hundreds of vile, bewitched birds emerged from among dust plumes that whirled with the air currents of their ragged wings. Absurd and implausible collections of bone, skull and feather made for the sky in great swarming clouds; made their way higher and higher to gather speed—to gather speed for their descent: for diving.

When children draw monstrous things, with arms and legs that don’t match, heads in the wrong place, no shadows, perhaps arms no more than one line thick, or ferociously scribbled, they get thrown in the bin, but they have been given life: they end up in Crayona Hall. God help you, if you end up in this place and come face to face with one of your bitter abandoned creations. You have grown up, moved on, whilst all the time its resentment has grown, in the dark halls and corridors of the home.

Cathy smiled and disappeared back behind the curtain, and Davy wheeled himself away from the chaos to the far corner of the ward and there he sat, eyes closed behind his glasses; and he became still.

 Outside, insects had begun to gather: Small clouds of midges, streams of ants, fluttering things, scuttling things…

The scene in front of him shattered: this reality exploded. Its shards dissipated and disappeared as slithers and splinters of something else flew together—an explosion in reverse of a scene of sandstone walls decorated with painted scarabs, flickering torches, animating—through their wavering shadows—towering statues of ancient Egyptian gods: Jackal-headed Anubis, crocodile-headed Sobek; a live bull decorated with flowers, burning incense at its feet; and a pharaoh—a real live pharaoh—who stood from his throne on sight of the intruder and pointed. He screamed some unknown words and vanished in a twirl of dust, the way the pale faced man had,

 Posts are on this (garydorking.com ) website.


Soon, okay?

I hope you enjoyed this sniff of the Lord of Nonsense

Please join him. He is expecting you.

Watch this space too: the Lord of nonsense website

The Lord of Nonsense website is an ongoing place to see related works, stories and news, behind the scenes artworks, discussion, comments and more. Please subscribe using the button on the right. You can also go to the contact page for general questions/ communication.

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The scatophagus, one of Mr Tench's darker characters.

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