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The Lord of Nonsense Trilogy

Lord of nonsense, gary dorking, fiction, fantasy, fantastic fiction, best fiction, best fantasy fiction
Lord of nonsense, gary dorking, fiction, fantasy, fantastic fiction, best fiction, best fantasy fiction

The main Lord of Nonsense information and artwork.

The Lord of Nonsense website: for those who would like to go deeper! ‘Behind the scenes’ artwork, info and news for the serious fans!

In 2005 I had a little vision:

 A man typed ‘and the wind blows the hat off the milkman’ and outside his house, that very thing occurred.

12 years later, a much darker version of that is now included in the trilogy…  I remember the moment, feeling it was the start of a big idea. I didn’t know it would take twelve years, and I didn’t know quite how extraordinary the journey would be.

The main character – Philbert Tench –  is a writer and his story is intertwined with his characters.He has ‘written’ over seventy books, stories, characters, poems, TV shows etc. It took a special kind of madness to let them all form in my head before I could wind them into the novels. You’ll understand what I mean should you read them.

Visit the Lord of Nonsense pages on this site, or for more.

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The Glass People

A dark horror novelette:

Grace Sees her sister wash up dead on the beach. When she returns to the house, she discovers her sister to be alive.

  An unsettling horror.

Set in England at the end of world war two, the glass people is a disturbing tale, in which Hitler’s effects are still felt, in a fictional future, long after he has been defeated.

Family Fortunes

The birth of the beast that is 'Family Fortunes':

I was on a ‘touring vessel’ on Lake Windemere, looking at a small island, when for no good reason I imagined a mother seeing a… (I cant say what, it would spoil the surprise ) and saying the words that now adorn the cover: “Derek? What’s happened to you?” The response was “Don’t look at me mother!” and that was it. Those lines set the black comedic flavour and gave me a starting point. That night, I sat in a bar next to a couple. She was forcing him to look at a catalogue of lawn mowers as I wrote this bizarre story and I loved the contrast.

I wrote it a few years ago, as a break from “The Lord of Nonsense”, put it to one side and read it a short time ago to find myself loving it. So, I have desinged the cover and it will be out soon.

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This one is HERE! Find it on Wattpad, ( with an ever increasing collection of my fiction)or subscribe for news, and when the E book version is ready, it’ll be sent to you. 

The Story:

A novella ( short novel ), the story opens with a rather nasty set of circumstances. The animals in the frost bitten zoo are all very nervous and the bars of the polar bear cage have been pulled apart. There is a trail of slime and blood leading over the wall of the zoo.

Beryl has a strange feeling about this, and she tells two of her sons that the third may be in trouble. 

The two sons never got on, and now they have to go and search for Derek…

The whole thing is ridiculous, gory and bloody good fun if you like that sort of thing ( a journey into the woods with a group of eccentric sensation seekers looking for one or more sub human monsters ). 

Be afraid, and take a flask, a torch and a sick bag.

Coming Soon

Holes in the Fence

Holes in the Fence

The multi coloured balloons are pulling on the eyelashes, opening the eye, inside of which a child looks out through the bars.

I try and make sure my child is outside those bars, looking through holes in the fence of everyday thoughts and reality, and what he sees, finds or invents, I write, and that writing, written over the last thirty or more years, I am compiling onto a book.

More news as it comes!

I’m compiling this at the moment, and so will add a list of the stories that will be included, soon.

The aim for now is to get this whole website ready for publishing, in order that I can get back to launching”The Lord of Nonsense” with a platform available for people to explore my work and the novels themselves, so, all in good time…

Now on Wattpad

A short story. A man reflects on a mistake he made as a child, and his inability to come to terms with it.

And then there's....

Further down the line, there is likely to be a sequel to The Lord of Nonsense ( already in production ). Also, an untitled novel about the world set in approx five million years, where many of the animals have learned to talk ( and are much changed in other ways ) which gives the opportunity for an entirely new social norm ( research and a lot of writing already done for this). I’m hoping it will be very beautiful, powerful and extraordinary in its descriptions of the new beasts and their ways.

I’m also working on a ‘space comedy’ called ‘Fish Fingers, Mash, Chips and Peas’, this being the diet of a man trying to numb his intellect with tedium in order to retreat into his emptied mind. He is however kidnapped by ‘Jaklin’ an alien who looks a little like some traffic lights. Then there’s the Thrarks… I’ll stop there for the minute. Watch this space!

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