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Works by author, traditional and digital multimedia artist and technician, Gary Dorking

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The above image, entitled ‘Sensing the Sonic Dream’, I made using an artist friend’s  very lovely face. She works with sound very often, hence the nature of the image.

The Lord of Nonsense trilogy. Promotional video and reading

The first two minutes shows some of the artwork I’ve created, inspired by the writing of the novels.

A reading of the first three chapters follows. Read by the author.


The work is in the final stages of editing and this version is soon to be updated.

Worm Wood 2019
7 mins approx.
A horror movie with a comedic undertone, this is a short film, rather than a reading.

Shot in a variety of woodlands in East Sussex and Somerset.
A bit of dark fun, with, I am told, a few moments that might make you jump.

The death of Calamari!
Viewer discretion advised: it's a bit horrific, with swear word!

3.5 minutes of storytelling to camera with a big difference.

The Death of Calamari marks a change in presenting stories, with me telling the story straight to camera, with a multitude of effects both visual and sound-wise.  I’ll be ramping up both the aspects in future! Subscribe to YouTube and press the little bell to get news ( on the Gary Dorking YouTube page).

Nothing I do tends to represent me: I do what seems interesting to me and this means I don’t have one way of working. Some pieces will be serious and others ridiculous and wacky.  To help you decide which ones might suit, I have tried to give a flavour in the intros.

You may of course, like them all… or none of them!

I have a nice little soundbooth for recording voiceovers at pro quality and welcome requests for voiceover work, as I find it’s basically ‘performance’ which is interesting and challenging.  Some of these were made before it was built, but they aren’t at all bad! 

These are a few of the recordings i have done, and no doubt I’ll add more later, so watch this space.

It's In Here With Me.

Claustrophobic horror

Turn this one up: the atmosphere builds nicely, then, you hear it: the thing that’s in there with him.

Written in one go, on the night of my birthday some years back ( yes, i do things like that on birthdays), this one is creepy, i think you’ll find.

In Search of Flora.

A black comedy

The image i made for this doesn’t do it justice i think: It needs a cartoon of a man in shredded shorts with a dangerous looking fish attached to his stomach…
I’m pleased with this though.
A radio 4 spoof, two men in search of a prized specimen having a bad time… It bimbles along in a wonky weird kind of a way, then there’s… It kicks off.

Includes monkeys.

Lots of SFX here to help put you in the middle of a less than hospitable jungle.

Zog Liebowitz

Black sci fi comedy: Mother, I'd like you to meet....

You’ll probably forgive me for the stereotyping, if you listen til the end!
A very silly yet subtly  sentimental story of a boy bringing a female of the species home to meet mother. Expect yet more of the unexpected.

And So Was The Monkey

A sentimental journey of a most curious nature

A more serious piece, and a tale of the unexpected.

Raja is slowly deducing that he may be on a train, which is interesting to him, because it’s been a while since he was able to deduce anything.

The character is named after a friend, who was also from Sri Lanka. I sent it to him, but don’t know if he heard it before he died. He was a great and good hearted man.

Sometimes I cry when I write. Normally it’s because of the sentiment of the piece and that makes me even more emotional, because I wrote something that managed to make me emotional.

This is one of those. It’s the ending that did it.

Kandinsky's Swan

The deeper end of the spectrum. Perhaps me at my best?

A poem written while watching the swans by Kingston bridge, Surrey; a painting created a few years later and a piece of music I wrote sometime before the others, all merged together five years after the painting was completed.


Dark Jack


This man, if he is a man, lives in a strange cabin in a dark windswept place, but it is not as dark, as him.


Gerald and Louella get Dressed

A story of eccentrics, written by and eccentric and performed eccentrically...

Written in the bath, and performed fully clothed. Gary Dorking on voice and E percussion. Trevor Jones on guitar. A spontaneous reading. No rehearsal and no expense spent.


Bob and Celia

Now this is just silly. Animated comedy with bad language.

She’s playing with fire. He will leave her!



I wrote this a good few years ago,and finally recorded it; then saw it as a fun idea for a video. A horror movie in four and a half minutes!

And You Say, 'aha'.

An experiment with hidden depths around a common issue... Not being listened to. This started as an experiment in building voices with effects. I then just took it for a walk and liked the very bizarre result.

The ‘thing’ between the two characters in the image, is their own relationship. It resembles neither of them. What have they done?


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