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Written, audio and video fiction by Gary Dorking

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From the beautiful and deep to the cheap, from the horrific to the tongue in cheek, descriptions help you choose your experience….

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Having written poetry since the age of twelve and comedy sketches for minor stage and TV moments in adult life, I decided writing offered opportunities none of the other mediums I used could match. I began writing novels, then putting them on hold, fifteen or so years ago, realising I needed more knowledge of the craft, and so set off on a voyage of discovery and experimentation which now has turned into a substantial body of work. The aim now, is to let the world see this work, with ‘The Lord of Nonsense’ as well as two other soon to be released books, ‘The Glass People’ ( 2017) and ‘Family fortunes’ (2014). See ‘coming soon’ for more on things to come.

There will also be a collection to be released in the near future, of short stories, probably entitled,, ‘Holes in the Fence’, which refers to my interest in looking beyond boundaries , outside current thinking and escaping the era and mode I happen to be bought up in.

My other skills have influenced my writing style greatly: painting and graphic skills inform visual description: musical experience and specifically drumming, add an understanding of rhythm; and video editing skills have added to a sense of visual narrative.

“I sometimes write listening to music, which can be anything from loud rock, to choral music. I’m a big fan of Lisa Gerrard, who makes me find that grander, dignified and more beautiful side of the world. My tastes in TV and film might shed light too: I’ll watch documetaries about anything from neuro-science to… well ANYTHING… and programmes as diverse as Dr Who, Family guy and the daily politics. Film: from ‘The Notebook’ to ‘Planet of the Apes and anything, be it fiction or documentary, outside of my normal realms.

“I do insist on making a virtue of something many seek not to do: I don’t have one voice. I write absurdly funny stuff, and profoundly beautiful stuff ( or try to ). My excuse for this is that I am human, and have different sides. If you like my sides, we’re in business.

Perhaps i’d rather be Heston Blumenthal than Harry Ramsden ( one an experimentor, the other a specialist in a very specific genre).

“I often describe my work as, on one hand, ‘a bit Twilght Zone with heart’ due to my often beginning stories with a concept that stands out as interesting, but we are always adapting language and words to speak to readers in certain ways, and my other ‘way’ is much more like a lot of my painting: less directly narrative, more aimed at sparking the reader’s own vision rather than my own. 

This duality is often present and both aspects are enriched by one another. The decision to split the main work on this site into ‘fiction’ and ‘the deep end’ is based on this.

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