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Paintings by Gary Dorking

The image below, which started as an ink drawing later to be re-interpreted, was used in one of my short films, 'Kandinsky's Swan' and can be seen below the stills.

Flotsam Man


A man is made of all he encounters, imagines feels… He is adorned internally with these things, and here he stands looking out to sea, with a magic wand/ cigarette hanging from his mouth, a carafe of wine floating before him and a  very feminine wasp threatening to sting his heart. 

Way back in the center of his head is an embryonic child. Perhaps it is real, or part of the memories of the man that have distorted and reformed over time.

There is deliberate ambiguity here and your interpretations are entirely legitimate.

I often create images by deliberately avoiding any clear means of logical progression in favour of intuition. At some point in the process I’ll decide what the piece is, in the wider sense, and start working everything toward that vision.
The image on the left was a piece in it’s own right as opposed to being a preliminary sketch. When I decided to make a painting from it, I did an enormous amount of pacing up and down, gradually interpreting the elements, using the same process of intuition over logic until each part suggested itself to me and I then ‘dressed it accordingly’.
So, the meaning is found through that process.

Video: Kandinsky's Swan

I have a picture in my head of what heights men can reach. This is me climbing.



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Gary Dorking Paintings, continued.

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And You Say, 'aha'.

A weird sound experiment with hidden depths around a common issue: not being listened to.

The ‘thing’ between the two characters in the image, is their own relationship. It resembles neither of them. What have they done?

My pastel painting ‘This Thing Between us’ is the backdrop for this marvelously odd piece, which is perhaps just a human complaint from the child within.

Gary Dorking Drawings

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This does quite a good job of illustrating the general range of my work, from absurd, to profound…

My writing is much the same. I like exploring mentalities the way other explore plots. I explore plots too, of course.

Digital Art

Some of these might be for sale at some point on my image sales site, if not, you can request it to be so, as it’s an easy thing to set up.

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