News: what’s going on?

You’ll see a variety of books advertised on this site, that are due out ‘at some point’! Every writer today has to consider making sure people know he exists and what he is selling, therefore, despite having the trilogy and a number of other novellas and stories ready to go, I have to put some of it out when there is a significant readership, otherwise, it doesn’t getting a high enough ranking to become visible, and no one will find it!

So… I am about to publish one or two novellas to get the ball rolling. I will also be offering one completely free, and serializing it, and /or another, on wattpad, which now has over thirty million reads I believe, meaning people can find me and spread the word. High sales when a book is first launched makes a big difference to the overall sales and visibility, so, everyone gets stuff for free, and if they like it. they will want to pay for the privilege of reading the trilogy I spent 12 years writing!

First out of the extensive library of unseen gems, will probably be ‘Family Fortunes’ and will probably be free! If you sign up for news, you’ll automatically be notified and will receive an opt in link with no obligations. More on that when it happens…In the next week or so, I suspect.

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