Online media presence upgraid!

After 12 years working on Lord of Nonsense, I am nearly there. So, ‘publish!’ I think… No: make sure people are interested in you so they buy it, and an initial surge in sales when it first hits the market helps rankings with Amazon, which helps sales, which means people read it and I get some reward for 12 years of unpaid services to fiction. It’s marvellous thinking that – once it’s out there – it will probably be out there in some form for a very long time ( …the year is 2525, the effects of the nuclear holocaust have subsided and the Earth is a new Eden. A small boy discovers a chimney sticking out of the ground. He slips down it into a room to find a skeleton holding book three of The Lord of Nonsense. He pulls at the book, but even in death, the long dead man/woman/other cannot put it down… ).

So, I am ( not ‘have’ but ‘am’, as I am still at it as I write ) building this site with links to come for ( watch this space… There should be a ‘subscribe to news button or similar at some point ).

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