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Read, listen, watch, look.

Works by writer, traditional and digital multimedia artist and technician, Gary Dorking

"I guess people who like my work enjoy the not-knowing, the 'what am I about to read this time' of it, maybe they generally get a buzz out of the same things I do... or perhaps they just want to see what a man brings back when he's been into space."

Welcome! Feel free to see this site a little like a theme park: wander around taking in the sights, read, listen, watch, look at fiction and artworks in a wide range of styles and mediums, all aimed at doing things... to brains.

Every inch of this site is created by Gary Dorking unless otherwise stated, and copyright laws apply!

This page: The big intro.

Sail down past the guide ( below ) into a colourful introduction to the site and its many parts.

Comprehensive site guide

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Postcards from elsewhere:

Gary Dorking refuses to be a particular type of creative. His works, you could say, are like vacations: he travels, and he likes each journey to be somewhere new or at least, walked along in a different way. If you join him, you wont be doing so because you like his style, but because you want to take a mystery tour. His books have you walking into situations wondering what it is you are being faced with. It may be the private thoughts of a middle aged woman as she sits at a bus stop wondering what life might have been; you may be introduced to the other characters, as ‘reader’… you may laugh or cry, be profoundly moved, or a little uncomfortable – or worse – but it will hopefully always be something new, something found on a journey.
Likewise, his creations in other mediums are exploratory and commisioned work is personal to the cause.

Peruse the zones

Visit The Lord of Nonsense

Twelve years in the making, The Lord of Nonsense is my greatest single achievement.

On sale soon, here’s a preview.

From profound, to silly: discover and enjoy written works here, including news of new releases.
I’ve been beavering away quietly for rather a long time… If you like what i do, they’ll be a lot to see in due course.

OR, click below for audio-visual work:

Journeys into fiction

Meet Dark Jack in the fiction rooms

Slip Into the deep end

The deep end: Paintings, drawings, digital art… Many mediums Often with quite a different purpose, the work in this section seeks more to explore communicative languages and psychological perspectives. I’m a writer and artist. Here’s the art.

See Illustrations

Creating things can be a bit like cooking: sometimes you want to make a three course heavy meal, and sometimes something a bit lighter…

View portraits

Something I do for people once in a while

View or commision book covers

With years of design, fine art and Graphics experience, I design my own covers and would consider taking on commissions.

Sign up for news, including the publishing dates of the Lord of Nonsense.

Yes please, I'd like to sign up for garydorking.com/ The Lord of Nonsense news and to be among the first to know it is on sale/ available for pre ordering.

Re additional information: to find out more about the readership would be great. Add anything interesting: age, male/ female, what you are a fan of, why you are interested… Thanks!

Gary Dorking